CLC Publishings
The Worship Bulletin
The bulletin is distributed to worshipers on Sunday            
morning.  Timely notices, news, and upcoming events      
must submit information to the church office by
Wednesday Noon.                             

The Christ Today Newsletter
The Christ Today is the Christ Lutheran Church newsletter
containing news items, events, reminders and
announcements.  We ask that the newsletter be picked up
or for those of you with Internet access view or print your
copy from the website to help defer the cost.  For those
unable to do so, they are mailed a week after
publication.  Articles for the Christ Today are due to the
church office by the first week of each month.

The Annual Report
This report is made available to provide information for
all members, as well as new and prospective members so
that they may become acquainted with the activities and
ministries of Christ Lutheran congregation.

CLC Website
Our website is our  most powerful tool of communication
between its members, visitors, church leaders and the
community.  Check out all of it's pages.

Youth Website
The Youth website is a direct link to what is up and
coming . Packed with information about what we offer at
CLC for youth.

face book
If you have not already joined us on face book, it is one
more way to keep in touch with your church family,
locate members from the past, and make new friends.  
Christ Lutheran, Warren posts remind friends of all the
events and special worship services and it makes it easy
to share these events and services with others.  Don't
forget to become a #1 fan of Christ Lutheran, Warren as

A content sharing service that allows members to "pin"
images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.
Check out  "Bethlehem", "Sunday School", and
"Scripture" and other Boards.

CLC Photographs
Check out the collection of photographs compiled by
members of CLC.  They themselves tell a story. Click on
the picture frame to see current photos of the life of CLC.
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Warren, Michigan
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