Baptism -
"In baptism our gracious heavenly Father frees us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our
Lord Jesus Christ.  We are born children of a fallen humanity; by water and the Holy Spirit we are reborn children of God
and made members of the church, the body of Christ.  Living with Christ and in the communion of saints, we grow in faith,
love, and obedience to the will of God."           Evangelical Lutheran Book of Worship

The Baptism of your child is very important to you and to our congregation.  Through water, the Word, and the Holy Spirit
she/he will become a member of God's family and share in His life of love.  Please contact the
church office to schedule a

Pre-Baptismal Counseling
As part of our commitment to the vows and promises that are made, the members of our congregation and our pastor
desire that everyone seeking baptism have an opportunity to discuss with the pastor our basis beliefs on baptism.  Our
pastor may schedule at least one prepasatory session prior to setting a date for the baptism.  Parents, sponsors, and
children are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  This session will allow you and our pastor the opportunity to get to
know each other better, provide opportunities for you to grow in your understanding of what baptism will mean in your
life, and how you will experience God's gifts while living out your faith.

United in Marriage -
A man and a woman pledge their love and life-long faithfulness before God and their family and friends.  They also
receive God's blessings and the prayers of God's people for their life together.   The wedding ceremony is set within a
service of worship, centered in Jesus Christ, and expressing the Church's biblical faith.  The Word of God is heard to
instruct and encourage us. The pastor will help you design a meaningful service. Premarital counseling is needed.  
Please contact the
church office to place a date on the church calendar. You must be an active, confirmed member of
CLC or become a member before your wedding date. or Be previously baptized or confirmed at CLC.

Funeral / Memorial Service -
Contact the church immediately.  The pastor will meet with you for counseling and for preparation of the funeral service.  
A guidebook for
"Preparing for Death and Funeral" is available by request.  A memorial guide booklet is also available.  
Funeral cost for members*

$ Nonmember                                              $ CLC Member
Facilities                                                        Facilities
Rehearsal and wedding                $150.00                                  Rehearsal and wedding    $  00.00
Reception/Luncheon                     $100.00                                  Reception/Luncheon        $  50.00
Building Usage                              $  75.00                                 
 Building Usage                 $  00.00
Meal                                              catered                                                                             catered
Services                                                        Services
Custodian *                                   $  50.00                                    Custodian *                      $  50.00
*per additional hour               $  15.00                                       
 *per additional hour           $  15.00
Organist                                        $150.00                                   
Organist                            $150.00                    
Rehearsal with soloist                   $  25.00                                    
 Rehearsal with soloist   $  25.00                  
Pastor                                           $150.00                                    
Pastor            $ member's discretion*  
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